An excellent flooring solution that provides the feel of a solid concrete floor without the price tag. Squeak-free with acoustic and thermal insulation properties.

Hebel PowerFloor panels are available in 1800mm x 600 x 75mm

Tongue & Groove profile

Steel mesh, coated with an anti-corrosion protection layer for maximum strength and durability

PowerFloor is a sound investment for a peaceful home. The strong and solid flooring system consists of 75mm steel-reinforced AAC panels, installed over steel or timber joists. This provides an excellent base for just about any floor covering – including timber strips, carpet and tiles.

The superior acoustic performance and thermal insulation properties of this flooring system mean it helps to keep your house warmer in winter and cooler in summer – as well as minimising noise transference between rooms and floors of the house.

Better still, there is none of the squeak or bounce and flex associated with particleboard flooring, or the expensive price tag that comes from traditional concrete floors, making it a great choice for first floors and suspended ground floors, decks and balconies.


Strong and solid

Energy efficient

Quality and speed

Eco friendly

Noise reduction

Fire resistant



Product Sizes

Hebel PowerFloor for Residential & Light Commercial Floors

PowerFloor 75mm

  • 1800x600x75mm T&G1M0
  • 2400x600x75mm T&G1M0

T&G = Tongue & Groove; 1M = Single Mesh, 0 = No Bevel


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