A high performing product for external, internal and fire tunnel walls in commercial and industrial construction.

Hebel PowerPanel+ panels are available in a range of sizes

Tongue & Groove profile

Caged steel mesh, coated with an anti-corrosion protection layer for maximum strength and durability

Used for a range of applications, including low-rise industrial, commercial developments and high-rise offices, the PowerPanel+ system consists of Hebel panels installed vertically or horizontally to steel or concrete structural framing as a non-loadbearing cladding. This provides a cost-effective solution, with lightweight panels allowing reduced structural components and smaller lifting equipment compared to concrete.

Strong and solid, PowerPanel+ contains steel-reinforcement coated with a layer of anti-corrosion protection for maximum strength and durability. With excellent fire rating properties, thermal resistance performance, and less wastage resulting from the fact PowerPanel+ can be made to length, this system is the ideal choice for your next commercial or industrial project.


Strong and secure

Fast construction times

Risk minimisation

Easy fire-rating compliance

Easy acoustic compliance

Superior insulation qualities

Maximised floorspace

Design efficiency

High sustainability values

Product versatility


Product Sizes

PowerPanel+ for Commercial Walls

PowerPanel+ 100 – Commercial Wall Panels – Non Cuttable – (100mm Panel is offset T&G only)  – AVAILABLE ON REQUEST ONLY

  • 2700x450x100mm T&G2M5
  • 3000x450x100mm T&G2M5
  • 4500x600x100mm T&G2M5

PowerPanel+ 125 – Commercial Wall Panels – Non Cuttable – AVAILABLE ON REQUEST ONLY

  • 4500x600x125mm T&G2M10
  • 5990x600x125mm T&G2M10

PowerPanel+ 150 – Commercial Wall Panels – Non Cuttable – AVAILABLE ON REQUEST ONLY

  • 4500x600x150mm T&G2M10
  • 5990x600x150mm T&G2M10

PowerPanel+ Made to Order (MTO) – Commercial Wall Panels (100mm to 125mm thick) – Non Cuttable – (100mm Panel is offset T&G only) – AVAILABLE ON REQUEST ONLY

  • Up to 4000x600x100mm T&G – 5mm Bevel
  • Up to 6000x600x125mm T&G – 10mm Bevel

PowerPanel+ Made to Order (MTO) – Commercial Wall Panels – Non Cuttable (150mm to 300mm thick) are to be designed and reinforced to achieve greater windloads and panels spans – AVAILABLE ON REQUEST ONLY

  • Up to 6000x600x150mm T&G – 10mm Bevel
  • Up to 6000x600x175mm T&G – 10mm Bevel
  • Up to 6000x600x200mm T&G – 10mm Bevel
  • Up to 6000x600x250mm T&G – 10mm Bevel
  • Up to 6000x600x300mm T&G – 10mm Bevel

T&G = Tongue & Groove; 2M = Caged; 5 = 5mm Bevel; 10 = 10mm Bevel; Note: MTO Widths can vary 300mm to 600mm
Note: Panels are non -cuttable i.e made to length
Note: All Made to Order products are: Made to Confirmed Order Only – Minimum quantities and lead times apply – Engineering checks apply.


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