Hebel’s highly effective acoustic barrier system that greatly reduces noise levels from industry, freeways and rail corridors.

Hebel SoundBarrier panels are available in a range of sizes

Tongue & Groove profile

Caged steel mesh, coated with an anti-corrosion protection layer for maximum strength and durability

A cost-effective acoustic barrier system, SoundBarrier is an alternative to precast concrete that is 30% cheaper, whilst also reducing crane sizes, traffic blockages and maximises truck utilisation.

The panels in the SoundBarrier system contain caged steel with an anti-corrosion protection layer for maximum strength and durability. These panels are non-combustible and are placed horizontally between or against galvanised steel columns in concrete pier foundations and held in place by galvanised steel angles or plates.

Offering design freedom and flexibility, Soundbarrier panels can be factory routed providing an attractive urban landscape, making it a smart choice for your next acoustic barrier.


Strong and secure

Fast construction times

Highly fire resistant

Superior acoustic performance

Risk minimisation


Design efficiency

Aesthetic appeal

High sustainability values


Civil & Utilities

Product Sizes

SoundBarrier for acoustic barrier systems

Hebel Soundbarrier Panels – 100mm & 125mm – Non Cuttable (Non-stocked standard. Lead times apply) – AVAILABLE ON REQUEST ONLY

  • 3000x300x100mm T&G2M5
  • 3000x600x100mm T&G2M5
  • 4000x300x100mm T&G2M5
  • 4000x600x100mm T&G2M5
  • 4000x300x125mm T&G2M10
  • 4000x600x125mm T&G2M10

T&G=Tongue & Groove; 2M=Caged; 5=5mm Bevel; 10=10mm Bevel
Note: Panels are non-cuttable ie.made to length


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